Sunday, April 08, 2007

Things are getting exciting around here!

We continue to wait. I know that's not the first sentence you were looking for when you fired up my blog today, but that's still our current status. It's really hard not to be getting excited though. We've been on the waiting list about 2 months, and while Bethany does not tell it's clients their position on the list, we do know that referrals continue to roll in, so we're making progress. Also, one online friend of ours has heard the wait times could be as short as 2-4 months for a girl, but we've also heard 3-6 months. So, realistically, we're looking at May or June to finally see a picture of our Carmen. Lately, I've really been thinking a lot about welcoming her into our family, kinda like this post from many months ago.

I'd been hesitant to post this specific of a time frame, but I know you're all anxious as well. It's just that I'm so excited to become a father. Easter is one of those times of year (like Christmas and to some extent Halloween) where parents work very hard to provide something special for their kids. An Easter basket full of candy and toys, a brightly colored Spring dress, or a tasty family meal.

Holidays are a important in our household. We're known for celebrating birth week, not just birthday. Thanksgiving is a huge deal for us, and the red-head likes to celebrate Christmas from the day after T-giving all the way into January. These are the times when we truly find it hard to contain our excitement - I just know that the long road to becoming a parent will be worth-while.

At this point, we feel like we've made some progress down that road. It's quite possible CJ has been born by now - referral paperwork usually does not reach the local Bethany office (after being processed in Guatemala) for weeks or even a couple of months. So keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next weeks and months, and maybe we'll have some truly exciting news. And stay tuned for some more in-depth thoughts on adoption, and not just the process, but the people involved.

Happy Easter!



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