Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We're officially WAITING!!!

Just a quick post for the news. We found out today that we are indeed on the waiting list for our little girl!!! As a matter of fact, we've been on the list for about 10-14 days. Our social worker told us that once we submitted our dossier to the home office we would be put on the list. We assumed that meant some time after that, we'd get some kind of notification. Well, as it turns out, the fact is - dossier submission = on the waiting list!!!

So, all this talk in the last couple of posts about waiting to be on the waiting list turns out to be nonsense. We're on the list?

OK, the obvious questions - how much longer?

The official line on waiting time for a girl referal is 2-6 months - lately they have been more in the 2-4 range - so hopefully we won't be waiting too terribly long. Once we get the referal - we're looking at 6-12 months, which I know is a big range, but there are many variables in Guatemala once you've got the referal.

Wooo Hoooo!!!



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