Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nifty Links

As you might expect, we're really getting into learning about Guatemala - it's Geography (of course), food, people, history, and music.

I added a few links of places I visit regularly that have allowed me to feel somewhat connected to our daughters country of birth. I would also like to point them out.

Here are 2 links that are part of the Daily Photo Blog ring. This is pretty cool actually, people literally take photos of a place that folks in another part of the world hold dear. Maybe you'll find some place important to you.

Antigua is an ancient and colonial city in Guatemala's highlands. It's known for it's pleasant climate and beautiful architecture - generally considered one of the most gorgeous cities in Central America. Here's the Antigua Daily Photo site.
Also - here's the same kind of site for Buenos Aires - considered the Paris of South America for many of the same reasons. I had the opportunity to visit there many years ago (as has one of this blogs faithful readers).

Here's another awesome site with photos at Trek Earth Guatemala.

Check out a few shopping sites that offer hand made Guatemalan goods.
10,000 Villages - which has store locations around the US, including Ephrata and Philly.
Mayan Traditions - which offers cool items over the web.

Lake Atitlan is an awesome volcanic lake that is apparently a growing tourist attraction that would welcome any US visitor.

Tikal is considered one of the most impressive archaeological sites on the Western Hemisphere. And I'm pretty much a wanna-be archaeologist.




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