Thursday, January 04, 2007

Truckin along!!!

We had our individual interviews this morning. I can't say enough about our social worker, Jessica. She just has a pleasant and comforting way about her - truly ensuring us that she's guiding and helping us through a process, rather than hunting for issues that might disqualify us.

While the red-head was being interviewed, I watched a video that discusses the adoption triad. Birth parents, child, adoptive parents. We're learning a lot about this concept, and the video highlighted the joys and pains experienced by all three after an adoption is complete - even many years after the fact. More on that some other time - I'll have lots of time to post about these kinds of things once we go into the waiting period.

In less than 2 weeks, we'll be having our home visit. This is where Jessica will actually come to our home to continue discussions and take a tour. I'm betting this won't be so scary either.

Meanwhile, we're prepping our I-600A application to the US Citizenship & Immigration Service. This will lead to the feds approving us to adopt and bring a foreign orphan into the United States of America. It will truly be the first step informing the government that we intend to bring home CJ. This approval will be referenced many many months from now while we're at the US Embassy in Guatemala City holding her as she becomes a US Citizen and our daughter.

According to the social worker, we're completing paperwork faster than most people. It doesn't seem like it to us, but she had previously told us that this part of the process will move as fast as we want it to move. Hopefully no one out there gets the impression that we're going to be bringing home a child next week! In reality, all of this work will get us onto the waiting list earlier, which is good, but they don't call it a waiting list for nothing! To recap the estimated time-line - we could expect to end up on a waiting list some time in March - April. That wait will be 3-6 months - so it will be Summer-time before we receive a referral.

Take care all - thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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At 12:49 PM, Blogger mel said...

Ya know, it seems like a long process right now, but when you get to the end of it, it will be "where'd the time go?" I never thought J would get to the end of his army commitment, or graduate from college (or now me I'm on my last semester!) I didnt ever imagine someday I'd have a ten year old when I brought the boy home. Time flies. I'm looking forward to meeting CJ. It will be here sooner than expected. :D

At 12:56 AM, Anonymous Rudy GirĂ³n said...

GDS: I thank you so much for sharing your personal experience and for being open-minded about my opinions. Also, I thank you for setting the record straight.

Good luck on your adoption process!


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