Thursday, December 07, 2006

Overwhelmingly on the same page

We did indeed have our interviews today, and it wasn't the least bit scary. I guess most people think about social workers as looking for a problem. But really, Jessica seemed like she was just trying to get to know us. We spend about 90 minutes being "interviewed", and 30 or so minutes going over the next round of paperwork.

The whole thing was really just like a pleasant conversation with a new friend. Of course, they are providing a service for us, but they are also partnering to achieve the same goal - bringing a child and her parents together. We discussed our marriage only briefly - pretty much just how we met and how we decided to marry. She also asked us a bit about our education and employment histories. Then we talked about our decision to adopt via Guatemala. The time really flew by.

This new stack of paperwork includes forms for background checks, physicals and drug test, and child abuse clearances. None of this is new to Melissa as she worked through some of these procedures when hiring staff. We also received our dossier packet, and a complete set of instructions on how and when to fill out each section. Some of this we can do now, other parts will have to wait. It really seams like the ducks are starting to get themselves in a row. All in all, it's mostly filling out forms and instructions on obtaining new copies of our birth and marriage certificates.

I'm not sure how to describe the most interesting form. We must list all possible ways our name might have ever been used. For instance, think about JFK. I'm sure we've all seen his name any number of ways. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, John Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, J.F. Kennedy, and so on. So, M and I must list every conceivable way our names might have ever been used. Interesting huh? I wonder if we need to include the rampant misspellings of our last name!

All in all, neither the interview or the stack of paperwork are intimidating. Oh, and what's with the title of this post? When the social worker asked us about the reaction from our family and friends we looked at each other, completely un-planned and simultaneously blurted out, "Overwhelming". Must be the truth!


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