Monday, December 11, 2006

First frustrating delay? - Update crisis averted!

This weekend and morning, we're experiencing what might turn out to be our first delay and it's coming from a source I never expected. There's no government involved, Bethany is still doing a great job, and nothing got lost in the mail.

It's our Doctor's office!!! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

I promised myself that I would not disparage and organization (ok, I might pick on the state or fed government here and there). I'm sticking to that promise, so I'm not going to post the name of the practice we use. Truth be told, it's not just them.

One of the requirements for the home study process is to have a complete medical exam, including drug test, TB test, etc. We cannot proceed to the next steps (individual interviews and home visit) until we have those results. So I called our Dr office on Sat morning and left a message. They never called back to so I finally got ahold of them this morning only to learn they have no openings until January!!! I was only surprised for about 10 seconds. Even explaining the motivation behind my call did not help. The best she could offer is for ME to call back and check for any cancellations. Funny thing, because our last experience with them wasn't so hot either - we'd been thinking about going somewhere else.

So, I started calling around, and very few offices even had a person answer the phone, so I ended up leaving messages. The only one who answered was only a couple of days better than our current office.

We already have our next meeting scheduled and we even waited until January to make sure we would have plenty of time to get the exam and drug tests done. I can't believe it's possible we'll end up delaying that meeting because of this. Ugh. OK, time to calm down, this will work itself out, right?

UPDATE: I was able to get an appointment for us next week. I'd like to think the fact that I did not rip our old Doctor's office had something to do with this getting resolved. Do you believe in Karma (like Earl)? Well, I don't really either. Ok, well maybe I do, but don't quite call it the same thing. Do unto others - or in this case don't do!


At 6:40 PM, Blogger Sara said...

Have you thought about going to the new urgent care place down in Elverson? I believe they take walk-ins. You can call and find out if they can do the TB and drug testing. 610-913-1234
Urgent Care

I had to do both for work and the TB was a two part that took a couple of months to complete. Drug test took about 5 minutes. Good luck, HTH

At 11:22 PM, Blogger GDS said...

Thanks - that's a good thought Sara, but luckily I'll be able to keep it in my back pocket. One of the other local places called me back literally 20 minutes after I posted this and offered us appointments next week. This should be just enough time to get the results before New Years.

They'll be able to do the entire physical (a Dr must sign it) and take my tinkle as well.
With my luck though, someone will bring poppyseed bagles into work that day!

Thanks again!


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