Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On our way

Just wanna update ya'll. We've got the formal application completed and ready to mail in tomorrow!

Most of it had been filled out over the weekend, but there were some key sections that we wrapped up after supper tonight. Yah, we actually sat at the dining room table - something we usually only do when company comes over. Bethany came through with rapid response again - answering a series of e-mail questions in less than a day. Once we had some clarification, all the blanks could be filled in.

The hardest section by far was the simple question - why do you want to adopt? You may remember back when I started this that I had been worried about this concept. I mean, for us, one must first answer - why do you want to be parents? The answer for adopting would be pretty much the same. Really - adoption is just another avenue that God has provided to build a family. As one of our "rod chairs" mentioned recently, there's a child out there somewhere in the world for us.

Another toughy was a very long question about the broad range of children that we'd be willing to parent. We're asked to consider age, gender, race, disability, number of children etc. I was left wondering, what if I said I'd be willing to parent a 3 year old, but not a 10 year old? How can that be arranged? If you'd parent an infant, you'll eventually parent a teenager, right? I guess the idea would be some folks would prefer not to adopt an older child for various reasons. But the question doesn't mention that, just a willingness to "parent."

OK enough of my anal analysis of semantics!

I'm betting we'll be hearing back from Bethany fairly quick. The social worker that e-mailed me said we can start the process before our education class on Dec 4. That means interviews and paperwork can get started about a month before we (or at least) I anticipated. This is good news - we're moving a bit faster than I expected. From what I read though, there will be much idle time to come.

Your thoughts and prayers will be appreciated as we send in our application!


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