Thursday, October 26, 2006

And So it begins - Part Two

Gee that didn't take long! Yesterday, our formal "Application for Adoption" arrived in the mail!!! This is kinda like another beginning, because this will be the step where we'll start sending moola. If you've poked around any adoption web site though, you'll know the $550 app fee is a tiny fraction of the total costs. But still, there's something about committing cash to something that let's everyone know how serious you are. I was thinking about making an analogy - kinda like committing DNA - but I think you get the idea without further explanation, right?

It's not as much paperwork as I though it would be - just 4 pages. But, I suppose that's because it's still just an application. There are no government forms to fill out just yet. Part of it kinda reminds me of a loan application, asking for employment, debt, and asset information.

Then it goes into asking us to list references, write little mini-essays about various topics like "Why do you want to adopt?"

Yah, one question with a 2X4 inch empty block asks why we want to adopt. I'll have to think about exactly how to word that in such a tiny space. Not sure about this particular section, but there are questions directed at each parent. I'll have to dictate mine to M, because my handwriting is so lousy. I think it's due of permanent damage caused by repeatedly having to write the same freakin sentence 1,000 times in Jr. High. Anyone from Twin Valley remember the teacher's name that was notorious for that? I'm pretty sure it was a man.

Anyway, I've got to round up a fair bit of info. Still have yet to choose between China and Guatemala. For anyone waiting on the edge of their virtual seat for us to make up our minds, it probably won't happen soon. The application does not require us to choose - that will come later on when we prepare a dossier. What's a dossier? Wouldn't you like to know.......


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