Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hoping to make an impression

OK, now that I've answered a few basic questions, I actually have some catching up to do. This blog will be a fun way to allow me to keep anyone interested informed of our adoption progress, but I'd probably be keeping some kind of journal or timeline like this anyway - just for myself. I've never really done anything (non-work-related) that involves such a long process like this. I suppose it wouldn't be quite interesting if the whole deal were more predictable or very short. For instance, Melissa and I took a trip to the Holy Land in early 2000. It was quite an experience, and probably worthy of a journal of some type - but it would be a read it once and done kindof thing and to serve as "documentation" as we say in IT speak.

A blog is interesting if it's clearly an on-going saga, but can also be worth reading after the fact. A couple of good examples:

  • John Derbyshire's Treehouse

  • Dance This

  • Speedwell Forge

  • So hopefully, with that in mind, I'll be able keep folks informed, track our own progress, and have a little fun doing it.


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