Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just getting started

OK, first off, about the title. Where can I get me one of these, refers to exactly what you think. A child. When getting started in the adoption process, you do a lot of reading, these days, reading on-line. More on that specifically later, but at its core for me this reading is about research to find out how to "get me one of these" meaning a child. The joke of it kinda started for me in 12 grade physics class where our teacher, Mr. Z had a set of molecule models. Actually, it was more like tinker toys, but for the purpose of constructing the various parts of molecular compounds. When Mr Z was first demonstrating the kit by passing pieces of it around, I blurted out "where can I get me one of these," as if a 17 year old kid would even be interested. The entire class erupted in laughter, including Mr Z. Now, whenever I see something really cool, but not something you just walk into a store a buy - like, maybe an electron microscope, or a predator drone, or an industrial meatball extruder - I say - well, you know.

Since I started by answering anticipated questions, I'll go ahead and answer a few more.

I suspect the first question would be - can't you have kids on your own? The short answer to that is - well, that's not the topic of this blog! The slightly longer answer is that we plan to do that, want to do that, but we don't believe conception and adoption need to be mutually exclusive. While quite a few people choose adoption because they cannot conceive, many have both conceived and adopted kids. In our case, the Lord has not yet blessed us with a pregnancy, but we've always planned to adopt, so we believe we should begin this process right now.


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