Saturday, October 28, 2006

Just a word of thanks

Well, we're deep in thought about which country to choose for our adoption. Or should I say - we have not learned the direction in which God will lead us. In the mean time, we've got a growing list of "to-dos" that will fill any lapse in activity.

These are items that we MUST take care of regardless of whether our child is born in Guatemala or China. Nothing surprising, I'm sure - all wise tasks for anyone about to become parents, but not something usually high on the list for us Gen-Xers.

-Complete a formal Will
-Purchase more comprehensive life insurance. We've got some, but not anything fancy.
-Complete the formal application
-Prepare for the "Home Study" process (yup - they visit your house several times)

With all that said, I just want to send out a heart-felt thanks to all of you that have been supporting us with advice, prayers, and just general words of encouragement. Just the fact that so many people express so much excitement for us, shows us that we are doing the right thing. We've heard comments like - "your baby is out there somewhere" and "I can't wait to meet your little one."

Here's another rather touching tidbit along these lines. Over the past year or so, Melissa and I have taken over the adult (haha, yah right) leadership of our Church's youth group. It's a small congregation, so the group is struggling to come out of hibernation, but we do have some faithful kids with lots of dedication. Anyway, most of them are aware of our adoption efforts, but you wouldn't expect them to be too interested. In fact, the group meets weekly, and we haven't mentioned it to them for at least a month. But wouldn't you know it, one of the kids asked M about it this past week. It's very special that a teenager, with so many other concerns in the world took a few minutes to inquire about God's plan for build a family. I guess we can learn a bit about good parenting there.

So, to all - thanks. 'Nuff said.


At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you guys. I know that you two will do an awsome b as parents. It is alot of hard work, but the payoff is worth every bit of it.
Keep on truckin' and you will get there.


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