Monday, September 10, 2007

Down for the count... A crowd in our corner

The red-head defines this as one of those good news - bad news situations. I'm more thinking it's a wait and see situation.

Just backtracking a bit - Pre-Approval is required for the PGN(Guatemalan legal authority) to approve the adoption. Because PA sometimes takes a while, our lawyer submitted our case, knowing it would get kicked out, hoping also to find any other potential problems. So, once PA arrived, we actually needed the KO.

Today, we got word that we were indeed KOed. Unfortunately, there were 2 other apparently small issues that will also need to be corrected before re-entering PGN. So, it turns out, the early submission was a great idea, but it's unfortunate that PA wasn't the only issue. These are both Guatemala side problems that we have no control over. Our lawyer is known as a good one, so we're confident these will be corrected and we'll be back on track soon. This kind of thing is par for the course, and part of the reason this process can be so stressful. Now we just wait for things to happen, which is actually not much different than before, but with this new dash of "fun".

The obvious question will be: "does this mean it will take longer to bring CJ home?" The best answer right now is, maybe - just a little. Does it dash our hopes of a pre-Christmas pick up trip? Not ready to say that yet. We'll know more in a week or two. We were a little ahead of schedule considering the early submit, so we can still make it.

So, why don't I seem a little more down in the dumps about all of this?

Because we've got a huge crowd of "Rod Chairs" in our corner pulling through the KO. The most obvious here (in the blogosphere) are the many well wishes we've received on this very blog in the past few weeks especially. Thanks so much for those!

This past weekend we had our Guatemala Night at church and it was a huge success. The night started with all kinds of Guatemalan cuisine - tamales, black beans, tacos with avocado sauce. There were all sorts of displays of Mayan crafts, pictures of Carmen of course, and several auction items. Then the red-head and I tag teamed on a presentation to show what we've learned about Guatemalan culture and our adoption experience. Our dear friends even compiled a moving video that gave everyone their fist video glimpse of us spending time as a family of three. Between that and the Mission Guatemala video we should have put tissues out instead of salsa verde!

If you're the praying type - keep it up. If your a finger crosser or wood knocker, that'll work too. Or, if you just like so chew on fingers - that's an option also...

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At 10:57 PM, Blogger Angel said...

I sure hope it is fixed ASAP!!! I know the wait is so hard. Angel

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Melissa said...

Here's hoping she'll be home to enjoy turkey and stuffing.


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